July 11th, 2018

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The Propaganda Art of Felix Albrecht

February 16th, 2017 Awake Goyim

Felix Albrecht is another of these great German graphic artists from the war period whose information on the Internet is very sparse, not to say very difficult to find. Thanks to the work of web sites such as Galleria d’Arte Thule we can get a sketchy glimpse of what the artist’s career was like. Most of the information provided in this biography comes from this particular source. Felix Albrecht was a man who enjoyed a very successful professional life during the last years prior to the rise of the Third Reich in Germany and, of course, during the years the political entity existed as well. Suffice to say that he received a lot of promotions during this period, especially during the 1930s. Though after WWII (judging by the information I have gathered) his career faded away completely, so much so that he never truly recovered, as it was the case with many other German artists who worked actively for the Reich. For his biography here I had to semi-translate most of the information from the original source to make it a bit more intelligible. Bear in mind that there might be some inaccuracies.

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